About Us

We are a group of dedicated volunteers that have come together to pool our various skills, talents, and knowledge to benefit dogs in local communities. Established and registered as a charity in 2018.  

While we let Bentley (my rescued BBM) throw the party and name it after his people, all breeds are welcome at this party. 

Our Board of Directors have a long history of working with local rescues in various capacities and we all decided that this was the natural progression for us. 

We all have different roles to play in rescue and want our volunteers to feel like they can really spread their wings when it comes to ideas, challenges and the progression of this rescue. Rescue should leave you feeling good no matter what capacity you volunteer in. 

Why we are Different

We do not import dogs from outside of Canada. We saw a desperate need for local dogs and surrenders from our area and want to help fill that need. 

We fully vet, rehabilitate and offer full disclosure on any and all issues we find. We do behavioural and medical assessments before any dog goes up for adoption to make sure they are being properly fitted to a home. We are foster home based so the dog can be assessed in a home environment. If the dog isn't good with kids, cats or other dogs, you'll know about it 

We offer full training support to help you get off to a good start and have arranged for partnerships with trainers all over the city. Adoption fees include a free private session with a trainer to begin to build a cooperative relationship right away and training support for the life of the dog. 

We only support training methods that have been shown to be the most humane, most effective and gives the dog it's best shot at a long and happy life. Force free is not just lip service, it is a way of being with dogs and honoring their nature, their individual needs and guiding your dogs through life. We do not feel it is right to take dogs from one hell and place them in another subjecting them to inhumane punishment, coercion, or compulsion based methods of training. 


We do not take on more than we can handle. Fundraising efforts are always underway and we have many unique products and supporters that help us out. We want to pay our dedicated vets on time and be able to do anything that the dog requires prior to adoption.