We are always looking for fantastic volunteers like you! Whatever you can give, however much time, we are grateful for it.  We have many different capacities to capture your talents. Whether you are artistically talented, have the love and patience to foster or even want to help fund raise, we want to talk to you. We encourage the whole family to get in on the action and have fun together while making a big difference.

Areas to volunteer

Fundraising - this team is critical as we need to be able to vet and rehabilitate dogs we take into care. Most of the time, adoption fees do not cover the cost of anything extra that needs to be taken care of past basic spay/neuter and vaccinations. Things like dentals, medications and other procedures can be quite expensive, but we need to do them to ensure the happiness and adoptability of the dogs in our care. Sometimes we know and sometimes it is a surprise, but always we need to do the work. This area has it's own commitee and meets regularily to brainstorm ideas and plan how to carry them out. Led by Shauna and April we will get together over coffee and make it happen. 

Transport - Love to drive? This one is for you. We need people to help us transport dogs both around the city (vet appointments, training class, etc) and long distance (if there is a pup that needs assistance somewhere else). All gas and expenses are paid for. 

Events - Have some time to help set up, take down and help run events? This area is perfect for you and your family to help us out with a little of your time. Fundraisers are a necessary part of any rescue and volunteers are desperately needed at them to help them run smoothly. 

Support - Whether we need someone to take a puppy to class, help with a behaviour modification session, help us grab some video, or help pick up bottles from some of our contributors, we need all sorts of people who can help us out with the day to day things that help these pups on their journey.